The Light Center

1542 Woodson Road, Baldwin, KS 66006, Kansas Show map
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The Light Center is a non-profit corporation featuring many interwoven projects focusing on sustainability, healthy living, and consciousness raising. Based in a 100 year old converted barn, set on 34 wooded acres, we act as a rustic retreat center in Baldwin, Kansas. The upstairs barn “loft”is our meeting room which offers some shared sleeping space. Outdoor hiking, camping, labyrinth walk, Healing Garden and fire pits are always available. Juice fasting retreats and sacred dance retreats, Native American ceremonies. 34 acres offers wonderful opportunities for camping and backpacking under the stars!


Hiking, camping, labyrinth walk, Healing Garden and fire pits.


Prices. Outdoor camping: suggested donation of $10. Yurt camping: suggested donation of $25. Overnight, private stay in the barn: suggested donation of $195 for the entire barn, for 24 hours. For a private room or loft, $45 weekdays and $55 week nights. We try to make allowances, so please inquire into work exchange for a win-win option!


We kindly ask that all outdoor campers, backpackers, and yurters bring their own water and supplies. Please only start fires in designated fire pits and not at all during drought periods or burn bans. A shovel will be provided and we ask that any waste you leave in the woods be well buried, including toilet paper. Also, insects spray is advised during tick and chigger season!