Tabacon Grand Spa Thermal Resort

Arenal Volcano, La Fortuna de San Carlos, Arenal Volcano National Park, Costa Rica Show map
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Tabacon Grand Spa offers the unique combination of the energy of the active Arenal Volcano, the heat of the Tabacon Hot Springs and the purity and mystic of the surrounding rainforest blend into what many have described as “paradise” or “the eight-wonder of the world”. The four elements of nature are present in this unique Arenal Volcano luxury hotel and resort, featuring the heat of the volcano, the flowing waters of the hot springs, the pure air of the rainforest and the fertile earth of the Fortuna de San Carlos region. Tabacon Grand Spa Thermal Resort is a 114 guest room Costa Rica luxury hotel located at the base of the Arenal Volcano. This five star luxury resort is recognized as a member of the Leading Hotels and The Leading Spas of the World. 

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