La Samanna de Margarita

Av. Francisco Esteban Gomezc/ Av. Bolivar, Isla de Margarita, Venezuela Show map
La Samanna de Margarita1La Samanna de Margarita2La Samanna de Margarita3La Samanna de Margarita4La Samanna de Margarita5

La Samanna is located on the Margarita Island, right at the heart of the Caribbean. The hotel is a luxury resort that was conceived following the highest European standards. The hotel specializes in Thalassotherapy, a scientific discipline that uses appropriate combinations of sea water and marine products to help prevent and cure illnesses and ailments, as well as to beautify the human body. The sea water used at the Thalassotherapy Center is alive, which means that it preserves all its minerals and olygoelements. The water is transported through special silver pipelines. 

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