Farna Herrgard & Spa

Farna 1, 73970 Skinnskatteberg, Sweden Show map
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This relatively small hotel with spa is located inside Farna Manor house, which was built in 1776. At the spa guests can stay in a spa suite, enjoy various treatments and beautiful historical surroundings. The hotel also has a first-class restaurant with ingredients from the region. 

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Spa Treatments, warm Pool, Sauna, Spa relaxation area, Spa Suite with a Jacuzzi, Steam Bath, Hot Stone couch and Experience Shower, perfect for a small group or the romantic couple. 


Accommodation: Stay in the wings of the splendid Färna Manor house and enjoy one of the 60 individually furnished and decorated rooms.

Restaurant: First-class produce and ingredients from the region are converted in the hotel restaurant into first-class Swedish and continental cuisine.


Opening hours. From Monday to Sunday.