Sweden SPA resorts

While Sweden can hardly be named a perfect place for spa-oriented tourists, the country still have a lot of great places for health treatments to choose from. Many of them is located near water sources and some of them on ideal places near the sandy beaches. And Sweden has a lot of beaches. However, there are not many spa centers which offers wide range of treatments and procedures, most of them just has basic massages, saunas and pools, with various massaging showers. So if you are looking for the all-inclusive treatments you might have to search a little for that place, but if you are ok with just some pools and saunas, when you won’t have any problems at all. 

  • Yasuragi Hasseludden
    Yasuragi Hasseludden is a Japanese themed spa center near Stockholm. It is a peaceful oasis with indoor and outdoor baths, energizing more...
  • Ystad Saltsjobad
    Located just a few yards from the sandy beaches of Sweden’s most southerly coast, Ystad Saltsjobad is a wonderful place for spa holidays. more...
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