Oregon SPA resorts

Oregon is located on the Pacific coast, in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. Oregon contains a diverse landscape including the windswept Pacific coastline, the volcanoes of the rugged and glaciated Cascade Mountain Range, many waterfalls, dense evergreen forests and deciduous forests at lower elevations, and high desert across much of the eastern portion of the state. The tall Douglas firs and redwoods along the rainy Western Oregon coast contrast with the lower density and fire-prone pine tree and juniper forests covering portions of the eastern half of the state. The climate is mild, but periods of extreme hot and cold can affect parts of the state. Tourism is a strong industry in the state. Oregon’s mountains, forests, waterfalls, lakes (including Crater Lake National Park), and beaches draw visitors year round. The state also features many spa oriented resorts which unites treatments and wildlife experience. 

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